Since we have a thread here dedicated as to what models went from hit to shit, let's do it the other way round!

In my opinion, this '09 Mustang was alright... But it was shit on many levels, especially any of the engines it was available with. Even though I have a soft spot for the 4.6 and 5.4 modulars, the 4.6 especially just didn't generate a whole lot of power.

Then, 2010, Ford tweaks a few lines, tightens up the headlights and the car went from boy racer, to something slightly graduated from that. More importantly a V6 that's competitive with the outgoing V8 and an all new 5.0!


Here we have the 2009 Taurus, it was riding on a dated Volvo platform that should've been killed off with the failure of the Fivehundred.

Then in 2010, we not only get a all new Taurus, while still on the same platform, its characteristics are improved beyond recognition. It's roof-line is less like that of a massive Beetle. But even more importantly, and I am admittedly biased here, we get the return of the SHO! With 365hp of Ecoboost glory.