I was in an off-road type of mood on Saturday morning, which led me to watching Rovers on YouTube with the kids, commenting to the family about the mudding, the winching, locking differentials, etc etc. We saw one video where a Jeep (without lockers) couldn't climb a small sandy hill but a Rover on street tires walked right up like nobody's business.

My wife looks at me and says, "So what you're saying is that you need a Land Rover? When you're heading up to a cabin in the Rockies with the kids, you'll need a Rover, is that it?"

Fellow opponauts, the seed of an idea has been planted! We're a long way from owning a Rover right now, but keep your eyes open, in 10 years I may just be back here posting about driving home in one of these:


One of these:

Or hell, even one of these:


TLDR: My wife may not be completely against the idea of someday owning a Land Rover.

P.S. She's apparently more open to the idea of a Land Rover than she is to the idea of buying a steering wheel and pedals for the PS3. Go figure!