From the Front Page - Apartment Complex to Tow a Guy's Car Over a Dent

That seems pretty nutso to have a blanket statement like that within a lease. And then to actually enforce it for things like two tone paint and paint chipping as mentioned in the article. I guess they would have a field day towing my Miata. I mean technically it doesnt have any dents but my lack of paint sure would get it towed ASAP.

I wonder how far this goes. I have some tiny dents on my Subaru, I guess that would get towed! Maybe they need to tow it because I dont have the wing anymore too. And I bet they dont even flatbed tow, just come by with a wrecker and break your diffs.


Shit like this is infuriating to me. Sure, you can say read the lease before you move in. But this is insane to enforce it to that degree. Within the spirit of it? Sure, that is fine. Tow someone who got rear ended 5 years ago and never fixed the car and there is a tailight missing. Tow the pickup that broke in half because the frame rotted through. AHHH.

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