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From the list of things I've never understood...

....here in Canada and the US, we have a penchant for larger cars, especially in the US (Canada is a little less picky on this to an extent, hence why we’ve had things like the Echo hatch / Nissan Micra that the US never got).

However, one thing I’ve noticed other than the semi-recent influx of smaller commercial vans like the Transit Connect and the RAM ProMaster City, is that a lot of small companies that make small deliveries still use giant honkin’ full-size vans for their work. In Europe and Japan, there are a lot of ‘normal car’ models that have a commercial van variant as a trim option, foregoing back windows, seats, different rear load floor, etc. I’ve always wondered why such an idea never caught on here, as, in a larger city for a small company, it’s all one would really need and seems to make a great amount of sense! :)

A pretty old ripple-bonnet Citroen 2CV Fourgonnette for your time! :D


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