Do you know how hard it is to find wheels in the right size as to not hit anything in the fenders and good quality at a nice price? IT IS SO DAMN HARD. But I have created a list, quite a nice one I think. What y'all think?

So I have found these. 720 Form GTF1. Never heard of them but they are about 800 bucks and they are super light like 16lbs. Don't know about quality though.

Then there are these things, Apex ARC-8. I am trying to keep this under 1 grand, but these are just above it by like 36 dollars(woah going overboard). Either way, I have heard these are very popular in the BMW world, and that they are a strong wheel.


Mach V. I think they look really nice and they are a nice strong wheel. Perfect for what I want to use them for.

Rota Titans. For 700 bucks you can't beat the price, plus they look very nice. Only problem is, there are two sides to Rotas(just like everything else). Those who say they suck and those who say they are amazing. I am somewhere in-between(leaning towards the "they are awesome" crowd).


Gram Lights 57dr. Unlike its brother the 57xtremes, these can be had for 1200 to 1400 but I bet if I wait, I can find them on sale for around 1100, which I can do. Plus I get that leet JDM cred.

Am I buying these anytime soon? No. lololololololol, but the choices are stacking up. At first it was like 3, then it was like 1, and now it is like 5. Seriously. So which would you take? Also suggestions would be awesome! Remember 5x100, 17x9 +35 to +42mm offset, all for around a grand.


Oh, and I do know RPF1s exist ;)