Front bumper design for the NA Miata

I’ve been working on a redesigned front bumper for the Miata. My poor NA6 front bumper got drilled by the dealership back in the day and over time (211k miles), the bumper has taken a real beating. The car won’t really daily anymore after I restore it, so I’m feeling like I may do a custom fiberlgass front bumper cover / splitter. It’s coming along nicely despite the fact that I have basically no idea what I’m doing in Fusion 360.

It’s an ND inspired front bumper. The idea is to paint the car in 30th anniversary edition orange/black. I’m thinking about adding some NB style fog lights, but we’ll see.

I’ve also never worked with fiberglass. The current plan is to slice it (sans splitter) into thin sections, CNC them out of something cheap, then reassemble, fill the air gaps with foam, cover in bondo or sculpting clay, and finish the model. Then make a mold, and then make a final bumper. Anyone with experience want to tell me if this is the best process?


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