So, I was doing some research about a particular vehicle and decided to search the major U.S.-based magazines’ websites for reviews of it. Well, while searching Road & Track’s website, I was astonished to see two very familiar names listed as authors of articles there- Máté Petrány and Brian Silvestro. I acknowledge that I haven’t been reading the front page nearly as much as I used to but since when did Máté leave Jalopnik? So, this got me curious and upon further inspection, I’ve noticed that a few of the old staff are no longer posting on Jalopnik.

1. Where did Aaron Brown go?

2. Where did Sean MacDonald go? (I’m not a motorcycle person but did find his posts interesting from time-to-time.)

3. Where did Tyler Rogoway go? He was quite possible one of the best writers on the site!

Does Jalopnik not post when a staff member leaves? Not even a good bye and well wishes? By the same token, are we not introducing new authors either? For instance, who is this Kristen Lee person?


Also, I wanted to take the time to ask why Alanis King isn’t a full-time author. I find her content and posts to be extremely interesting and well-written.

On top of that, I noticed that a disturbing amount of content is extremely similar between the front page and Road & Track (no, I didn’t take the time to check dates and times to see who posted what first).


Finally, does anyone else find the front page not nearly as interesting as it used to be? I’m not sure what it is but I find myself mostly scrolling through the front page and maybe clicking on one or two articles rather than the majority of them as I did in the past. On top of that, when was the last time Jalopnik wrote a legitimate car review? Do they just not get invited to press drives anymore?

P.S.- What happened to the feature where you could click on an image and comment on that specific portion of it?