Front Page is out of Control. I Made one Comment About Mach-E 1400 Noise...

I commented on the front page article about the Mach E 1400 noise. There is a car and driver video where the guy goes through some specs on the Mach E 1400 and towards the end he mentions that there is a military grade PA speaker under the car that can output whatever noise you want the car to make.


I’m an Engineer and I design performance racing parts for a living, so yes, I know what electric motor whine and straight cut gears sound like. After seeing the car and driver video and knowing there is some sort of loud PA speaker under the vehicle, it pretty much confirmed that Ford is at least capable of enhancing the sound of the Mach E 1400 for the videos.

BUT because I said “military grade” as a direct quote from the car and driver video, every single comment is the equivalent of “fake news” and “military grade means nothing” completely missing the point of the comment and the sound system on the car.   

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