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Frontier gets an update...but only in the powertrain?

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The D40 lives on and on and on. The 2020 Frontier will get a new engine and trans. A 3.8 liter V6 with a 9 speed auto. 310 hp and 288 lbs-ft. Thats 3 more speeds, 32 hp and 23 lbs-ft more than the Tacoma and they are claiming a 10% improvement in economy, so...almost not terrible.


Granted most of that improvement is going to be highway and mostly due to the transmission. The engine is almost certainly tuned for premium for max power too, derating with regular like the 5.6 liter is. Still, its going to be a strong truck considering its STILL in the old D40 body.

This move tells us 2 things clearly.

1. The new frontier is going to be a d40 refresh - we already knew that.

2. Nissan needs a win NOW and it isn’t willing to wait for the new model truck.

The question is - will it matter if the infotainment doesn’t have carplay and android auto?

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