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I am frustrated I have to go to the junkyard for a turn signal socket for a 2005 Hyundai Elantra. I guess it is a common point of failure since automotive products are supposed to have a 10-year supply of replacement parts. And, I am frustrated with life I worked my butt off from age 12 to age 24 and I have been burnt out ever since there is no reward for working hard. I’ve been tired and exhausted for 11 years. I am tired and exhausted I want to leave my wife (disabled by a botched operation for 6 years. 3 months before our wedding) and my job and my life, but I am in debt which is cosigned with student loans to my patents mostly to my mother who is now disabled form brain damage from seizures from an environment from a society and a job that did not care and she could not afford my student loans she is just making ends meet after a well deserved raise. (She does an amazing job as a child’s librarian with 50+ children + parents going to the events and programs she puts together while also doing many other jobs for the library.) Life is hard while with every pay check we go further into debt while I am inspired by my mother who never quit working hard even when the cupboards were bare which scared me for life. God I want to quit, and I want to quit on God; while we haven’t found a church for us in 2 years I cannot stop believing in Christ no matter how much I am angry, sad, and done.


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