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I should start at the beginning: I bought my Lenovo Y410p just over a year ago when I decided I wanted a computer that could let me play games with my friends while still being able to take it to class on the few occasions I would need it. I honestly can't say I'd recommend it seeing as how it has spent a good deal of time being a pain in the ass.

At first things worked pretty well, however things started to go downhill when I started to play Far Cry 3 last August. My computer should have been able to run it without too much fuss but it would start to crash while I was playing the game on occasion. Over time the issues became more prominent in other games and throughout the whole computer with occasional BSOD. Eventually, after taking the computer into a local repair place (waste of $, all they did was re-install windows for $60...) I finally ran some tests on my HDD with HD tune pro and the results pointed to a faulty hard drive as the culprit for my problems.

With that knowledge in hand, I called up Lenovo support and the rep had me completely restore my computer and monitor it to see if issues continued (which they did); she scheduled a time the following Monday to follow up on the problem. At this point my warranty was coming close to an end at 6/21, this past Saturday; at the time the representative told me not to worry about how close the warranty was to ending as they would generally extend it by a month if an issue was brought up before it ended. I was able to send in my computer and the HDD was replaced with the only cost coming out of my pocket being shipping to the support center.


My computer was returned last Wednesday and I discovered that not all my issues had been solved, games were still crashing as frequently as before even with all drivers updated and running settings less intense than those recommended. At this point I figured that the GPU was also failing which was a possibility I had considered before running tests on my HDD. Today I called up Lenovo support again and explained my situation to a representative giving him the case number I received from the first couple of calls. The new rep gave me a new case number and used remote access to try and update the driver for my graphics card. At that time he told me to run the game and to call back if the issue happened again with ones of my games.

Spoiler alert , it happened five minutes later; I called up Lenovo support once again and chatted with a different rep, this one listened to my woes and told me that if my graphics card was to blame nothing would be displayed on the screen when the computer tried to use the Nvidia 750GTm (this computer has integrated intel 4600 graphics and the 750GTm). He informed me that I had 2 options: lower the settings on my games as he thought I was running them at too high a level or buy a new graphics card from Lenovo. After trying to reason with him that it should be possible for the graphics card to function but still be faulty he continually told me that wasn't possible. At this point I asked him if I could speak to a different rep (I thought this could be wise as the previous two actually tried to investigate and provide a solution), his answer to my request was amazement as to why I needed to talk with someone else. At this point I decided enough was enough and hung up on him before I wasted anymore time. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I could've/should've pursued this issue sooner but it's too late for that... I like my laptop for the most part and am confident that it'd run fine if I could replace the GPU. So anyone know where to find a Nvidia 750GTm? Haha


Prize if you managed to make it through that jumble of words.