This is going to be a mild rant I think.

Our youngest daughter needs thousands of dollars in dental work thanks to cavities in her molars. As our current insurance stands, we’ll have to pay everything out of pocket.

So we started looking into different insurance. A Basic plan that covers nothing will cost us over $1000/month. A good plan that will actually cover the work is close to $2000/month.

Apparently this is what “affordable” healthcare looks like, either go bankrupt because your insurance covers nothing, or go bankrupt to have good insurance. Decent insurance will literally cost 1/2 our yearly income.

Then we try looking into Badgercare, nope, not eligible, I make too much money.

So now we’re not sure what we’re going to do, she needs the work done otherwise her adult teeth may be ruined, but we simply cannot afford it no matter how we look at it.


Interesting Gif for your time:


BTW, anyone know who this chic is?