Naturally, since my first post was about how wrenching on my own car was largely responsible for turning me into a jalop, this second one is the flip side: when things don't go as planned. Hoping someone out there on Oppo might have something to say about this bitch of a situation I find myself in.

To set the stage...2000 GMC 4.3L V6, 150K. It's been experiencing what feels like a slipping transmission, mostly at highway speed (~65). Might have been a misfire, I don't know. Was driving like hell for the past week or so, then threw a code. OReilly tells me it's the crankshaft position sensor, and needs to be replaced. Buy a new one, lay on my back in the most awkward of positions all afternoon and evening Saturday to replace it, broken only by 5(!) trips to the OReilly and 2 to Home Depot. Finally, I get it about 9:30pm. Starts right up, runs great—smoother than it ever has. Test drive goes great.

I get in to go to work today, and the damn thing is no better than it was. Still feels like it's slipping, except this time it's happening more frequently and at lower speeds. Damn it to hell. This is so frustrating. I find it hard to believe a 4L60E transmission is shot at 150K, but it is GM 2000-era....Any ideas? I'm grateful for any suggestions, insight, or advice that might help me get this thing running smoothly again. I don't want to grenade the trans by driving it in bad shape but my wife and I also need two running cars. Am I stuck taking it to a mechanic?


Here, have a pic of my father-in-law's Ford Flathead for your troubles. Was saving it for another post but what the hell.

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Thanks Oppo....

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