I’m planning to buy an used Auto Verdi (dry sump) oil pump for my Opel BTCC replica project. Why Auto Verdi? Because their pumps are very good and Swedish made. Getting spare parts or sending the whole pump for maintenance is easier if the manufacturer is in neighboring country.

But they have one downside (besides the high price). Most of their models use very weird fittings for the oil lines. The weird fittings aren’t just limited to Auto Verdi pumps but they seem to have these very often.

The high pressure side uses -10AN or -12AN in nearly all cases but the other ports have some variety of these:

-AN12-AN16 (no problems with these)
-Wiggins fittings (unknown size but not very problematic)
-small 4-bolt flange (rectangular)
-large 4-bolt flange (~square)
-2-bolt flange
-ORB with 11/8-20 UN thread

I’m pretty sure that the 2-bolt flange fitting is compatible with either of the 4-bolt flanges but this is just my assumption. In the picture above the AN fitting, the both variations of 4-bolt flange and weird ORB fittings can be seen.


If someone has some knowledge about the specialty fittings used in modern dry sump pumps I would be pleased to hear some hints. The compatibility of various 4-bolt and 2-bolt fittings is my main question in this case.

I could of course solve my problem by buying a pump with all lines in place. Then I could chop up the old lines and re-crimp them with suitable fittings and hoses. But most sellers sell the pumps as they are and I cannot see if the pump internals are doing fine if the lines are installed. And the full set of used lines will push the price up quite a lot too.

Auto Verdi has BMRS as their official fittings provider and they do have all of the required fittings. But I’m afraid that a full set of brand new fittings from them would be really expensive. I didn’t find any prices for them but they do look very nice and expensive. Here are some examples for the fitting types that I’m looking for: