My friend and I installed the visors slightly wrong. I returned them and ordered another set after I realized that. I figured they wouldn’t stick well since I’d taken them off once. But I test fitted the new set today, in the correct position, and they slightly push on the rubber seal next to the black b-pillar trim. I don’t want that to be messed up or be slightly disfigured over time. I love the look and functionality of these in channels but they may just not be worth it.

And, I don’t want the stick-ons because I don’t want 3M tape stuck to the artificial chrome around the windows.

This YouTube video, albeit showing a Ford Focus, shows what we did with our visors. The rear flange goes behind the b-pillar trim, not the channel. Oddly enough, my windows weren’t going back down, but they were hitting the rear flanges of the visors.

It’s a shame I may end up just returning them, because I like the look and I really like the functionality. My car bakes in the sun in a giant parking lot all day while I’m at work, and being able to leave the windows cracked and not worry about the random rainshowers we get would be awesome. 

But, I don’t want long-term damage to the rubber seals of my car. I plan to keep this thing a long time. Frustrated.