Just showed the S10 to a guy. He called me at work so I took an early lunch break and raced home to show it to him.

Big fat waste of time. He did nothing but criticize it and point out every flaw. And then offered me $1,000.00. I told him I had a car I’m buying and I need money for it. He said “Yeah but that’s probably a better car than this. This thing is rough.” I said “It books for $2,400.” He then says “That book don’t mean shit.” I looked the other way and said “To me it does.”


He test drove it and took off so quickly that he squealed the tire. He then goes “What motor is this?” I said “It’s a 4.3.” He floors it and then goes “Hmm. Seems kind of weak for a 4.3.”

He pops the hood and asks if the ABS works. I told him no and that the light is on despite me replacing the module. His response: “I know. That’s why I asked you.” He notes it used to have a toolbox and I agree. He then asks “What’d you do with the toolbox?” IT DIDN’T HAVE A DAMN TOOLBOX WHEN I GOT IT NOR WAS IT ADVERTISED WITH ONE!


Then, we get back and he goes “I’ve got a thousand dollars in the bank.” I just stared at the truck like “Are you kidding me?” I literally walked back to my car at that point.

Sigh. I despise trying to sell something. People want something for nothing. I realize the truck has flaws. That’s why I’m willing to take like two grand for it. It’s hard to find a running/driving 4WD truck for two grand. But people act like I should let them have it for $4.50.

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