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Fuck 3d printers

Seriously... The tech isn’t there yet.

I spent about seven hours fucking around with my solidoodle press. I thought it was printing first try, so I left it to finish while I went to crossfit. It must have frozen as I left, mid print. This means I have to take the extruder apart to clean out the stuck plastic

Then I do some googling and see that they released fixing instructions for how bad they fucked up the preorder units like mine. OK, grab the multimeter, adjust potentiometer voltages on the motors. Then flash fresh firmware. Relatively simple. Also updated the printing software.


Well the firmware fucked up the whole thing. When it starts a print, it’s supposed to do limit tests with touch sensors to zero itself. Well it would no longer deploy the vertical touch sensor or even try to calibrate Z, so it would either print in midair or smash the print bed into the extruder.

Tried a few different print software versions to no avail. Figure I should try firmware. Well, fucking solidoodle doesn’t have any old versions online. What the fucking fuck. Eventually I find the 1.0 firmware on a forum, which can actually fucking print.


Anyway, here’s what I made. It’s a fake utility belt buckle for my Jedi costume. I seem to have lost the original while moving and thought this would be easy...

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