Fuck Audi

For the past week, my mom's Q7 has been lurching and vibrating inconsistently after she stops. Tuesday she brought it into the service department and they made her pay 200 bucks to figure out what the problem was. Thursday they called and said that the fuel pump was the problem but they don't know what in the fuel pump was causing the problem, so they where going to have to take out the transmission too figure out what it is. That was going to cost $2,700 in labor alone, so $3,000 just to figure out what the problem is. And the fucking warranty ran out this week so Audi won't pay for it. They didn't even have any loner cars, so we had to wait for them to get one from enterprise, which was a mini countryman S.

On a good note, I'm picking up my manual vw jetta sportswagen tdi today


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