Fuck Crota. Fuck VoG. Fuck Destiny.

I've had enough of this fucking game wasting my time, making me angry, and all the goddamn bullshit Bungie should have fixed by now.

I am done trying to do both raids. Good level design encourages the player to explore further and isn't a hindrance to their progress; the Silent Cartographer level in particular is a great example of how to do it right. Neither raid is anything even close to the same state, let along the same ball park. And I am astounded the same damn company can have one of the best designed levels and still make such garbage with both raids.

The only way to do a raid is to already know what you are supposed to be doing. Fuck that.

A purple engram should not be allowed to be anything other than a purple item.

I have enjoyed some of my time playing the game, but the frustration is almost beyond my breaking point. I am just waiting for House of Wolves so I can play what I paid for and be done.



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