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Fuck GE with a stick...

I had to buy a new window AC unit for my house today, as the one I had decided to quit working a few days ago. 90 degrees for the next several days is good motivation to get this deal done. Bought a GE unit from Lowes,

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which had generally positive reviews and a good price for a 18,000 BTU unit running on a 210 outlet I had run special for the prior AC. I get it home and my son and I start reading the directions for getting it set up. First thing you have to do is disassemble the whole front end, pull the guts of the unit out, and screw a few pieces in that hold the expanding wings on. This, on a $600 unit, that if you drop or otherwise fuck up, it’s toast. Why the hell GE can’t figure out to assemble this thing correctly from the factory is beyond me. I even had to redrill two holes as they were way off center. I expect to have to cobble a few bits here and there to get it to fit an older window, but this was nuts. Never again, GE, never again.

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