Need to be through security by 8:15AM latest. It is currently 1:30AM.

I’m not 100% done packing. Scorch has elected to stay home. Soot will be going though. Soot like the 997.2.

I have no idea if my lighters are ok, if my vape is ok (I’m trying to quit,) all sorts of “did I forget” and “I hope I remembered.”

Gods I hope I remember how to drive manual tomorrow. Gods I hope she’s everything I’ve dreamed her to be. I am just 100% pure fucking stress. And I have to hope that melts away once I get behind her wheel.

12:20PM Dallas time. Mark it, Oppos. That’s when I land. If anyone wants to give a ride and save me a Lyft, prj -at- rootwyrm -dot- com. Assume I will be a nervous fucking wreck till I actually lay hands on her.

She’s waiting. Why does it have to be so stressful?