The bodyshop guy called today told me he doesn't want to paint my car anymore and he will be returning the car tomorrow to me with no work done. I also get the benefit of paying for the return tow. I delivered the car to him in early November and he has had it since then. I now have to go around and find someone willing to paint it for less than $6,000 (where most of the other quotes were). I really don't want to take it to Maaco and get a shit quality job. I really have no idea what I'm going to do about bodywork and paint. I guess my new plan is to get the damn thing driving (needs an oil change, trans fluid, and a driveshaft) and drive it around without a bumper cover, hood, and fenders to bodyshops getting quotes. Eventually I need to get an exhaust put on as all I currently have installed are long tube headers. I also need to find an uncracked front windshield, install my new side windows, install my new radiator and electric fans, and re-install the interior. I'm just pissed beyond belief. Any suggestions on what the hell I'm suppose to do now?

Edit: Just a thought, what if I plastidipped the whole thing? Can I get a nice black plastidip job (one that doesn't have a bumpy texture)? I've not really looked into it, but plastidip looks like a decent "short term" solution. How long does it last?


Another edit: Anyone ever painted a car themselves? Is it hard to get good results? The only equipment I have is a 60gal air compressor.

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