Fuck Snap Pajamas

Not car related (so bonkers Jag for your time), but I need to get this out. Here is tip for all the soon to be parents out there. Under no circumstances should buy snap pajamas for your infant. I don’t care how cute they look, heed this warning carefully.

For those that are unaware there are basically two types of PJs for infants, zip-up and snap.-up. Also possible is button up, but those are probably hand-me downs from your great Aunt or something.


This is the scenario that will happen with your infant...they will wake up fussy because they are hungry and their diaper is full. You get the bottle ready and go to change them. With the zip up PJs, you unzip make the change and in one quick motion you zip them back up and it’s feeding time. With the snap PJs, getting them off is well...a snap, but getting them back on takes THREE TIMES AS LONG! Now the baby is hungry and fussing, and squirming...because you can’t line up the damn snaps right. Who invented this madness!

Trust me on this one new parents...buy the zips and only the zips.

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