Fuck Sony and all of their proprietary cables

I recently purchased a beat-up Sony Xperia Tablet S. Of course, it didn’t have any cables of any kind, just the tablet and keyboard case thingy. I finally received the generic USB cable today and got it fired up and reset. After spending a few hours with this thing I understand why Sony hasn’t exactly taken the tablet market by storm.

I won’t go into great detail here because I hate using this thing already and don’t want to type on it a minute longer than I have to. The unit has a proprietary connector for USB and charging but that is unaccessible whilst using the keyboard case. And the keyboard case has a different proprietary connector for charging, and for the life of me I cannot find a source for this stupid cable.


The keyboard connects automatically when the tablet is in the properupright position, but its hard to keep it in that spot, so itrepeatedly toggles between physical andvirtual keyboards. Ad even wheni turn thekeyboard off via the two key option it stilll resets itself andturns onwheni dont wantitto. And as you can tell from theprevious few sentences it doesnt seem todo what I wantregardingspacing andpunctuation. Im notgoing to press the spac bar twice for a singlespace. Maybefor watchingthe occasioanl youtube video this thing might beok, but fordoing anythingof substance I have plenty oftoher more usable devices that wontdrive me toinsanity. This thing mightjust endup like theSonycamerathati tried to repair yesterday. To keep me from tinkering withit further I smashed itintoa thousandpieceswith a ballpeen hammer so that I wouldnt be temptedto buy onemore part andattesmptinganother repair.

If I haventsaid it in thelastfws minutes, fuckouSony y...

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