We're going waaaayyy far away from the topic of cars here, so I apologize.

For years, the way the American media has portrayed mental illness has been as some dehumanizing force. Something to apply to school shooters and people who kill their children. Something to reinforce the idea that those who do evil are somehow a horrible other.

But here we are. A man who was beloved by millions has taken his own life. He is a victim of his own mental illness. And you rarely see any mention of it. Because why would they? There is no way that Mork from Ork was mentally ill, right? He's a good person! Only evil people have any sign of mental illness!

I have dealt with depression my entire life. It is a disease. It's a disease that so few of us who suffer from it seek treatment for because, as far as popular opinion is concerned, only affects monsters.

We have an opportunity now to talk about this seriously, and honestly, and respectfully. But we won't. And that pisses me the fuck off.