It’s been just over 4 months of mostly fun, and I’m done with this car. I can’t handle the bad luck and anxiety that comes with this thing.

Through the paint, just happened on my UNDER 3 MINUTE COMMUTE with literally no hint of what caused it. No sounds. No feelings of hitting something. Just saw it after I walked back out to it. So NOW what? Get quotes from a collision center, file a claim if it’s over my deductible, have a rental while it’s fixed, maybe spend fuck loads of money?


I already have to bring it back to the dealer after they damaged it 2 weeks ago. It’s got a rubber lip falling off under the nose. I just replaced the rear tires from a puncture. The amplifier was shot when I got it. The paint hasn’t been able to be completely cleaned/polished from bug residue after 3 attempts.

Honestly, I have no faith in this car anymore. I feel like it’s a lemon. I feel like it’s gonna be a money pit even worse than a used German car would be. I want out, and I know I’m gonna lose like $10,000-$15,000. But I want out.

I was already having second thoughts with all these other issues, and I test drove a BRZ this weekend. Think the Cayman got jealous? I could see myself in a BRZ....