Fuck Uhaul.

This pic in their store is a perfect metaphor for uhaul’s competency.

I called the local locations number, when I got someone on the phone I asked if they were at that location, and then asked if they had the specific truck and trailer I needed to haul an 87 Mercury Colony Park wagon. I was told by the person that yes they’re there, yes they have the units, and would I like to make a reservation? I made the reservation, put a card down to hold it, and then proceeded to call the owner of the wagon so that he would not go to work that evening so I could pick it up.


About an hour later U-Haul called me to tell me that they were moving my reservation to another location in Massachusetts because that was the only one that had the truck. When I asked why the person at the local location had said they had the truck when they didn’t, I was told that person was actually in Arizona at their call center and had no way to check the local inventory. When I asked why they let me put a reservation down on a vehicle they didn’t know if they had when I asked specifically if they had it I was told that it wasn’t a reservation, it was a request. The woman from U-Haul with snippy with me the whole time, and seemed annoyed that I had a problem with the fact that I had been repeatedly lied to, and kept saying “well that’s the call center” as though that was some explanation for her company’s behavior.

Without any other choice because I had already arranged with the car’s owner, I agreed to the moved reservation and headed out for an extra 40 minutes of rush hour driving to get to the location with the truck and trailer.

All total this move added two hours of driving and two extra trips to Massachusetts to both pick up and then later drop off the units. All this instead of being able to go to the location that is literally a half mile from my house. And for all this hassle I had the privilege of paying for 40 extra miles that I racked up that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Fuck U-Haul.

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