“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

Is a federal crime a lifehack? ask this idiot.

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As the article says:

Some “fines” aren’t exactly what they seem, though. If you’re in an area known to have corruption problems—Mexico, Russia, parts of Africa, parts of Southeast Asia—any fines you’re asked to pay might just be them asking for a bribe. Again, trying to avoid paying will likely make everything worse. Give them cash and be on your way. They rarely ask for much, so don’t give them any reason to harass you further. The best you can do is pay up, then let the nearest U.S. consulate know what happened. They can’t reimburse you, but they might be able to appeal to the local government, or at least warn other travelers. Always check for travel advisories before you head out so you know what you might be up against.


I don’t give a fucking shit how corrupt my police is, if you dare come to my country and further this problem, you’re part of the problem and frankly you deserve what happens to you.

Let me put in terms your idiot brain might understand, when you give bread crumbs to a pigeon, does it go away? or do more pigeons come? Well that’s exactly what happens: If foreigners develop a stereotype like paying bribes rather than fines, then foreigners will be stopped more, do foreigners have this stereotype nowadays?

No, do the police collect bribes as shamelessly as before? NO!


Nowadays if you get pulled over in a place like, Cancun for example, you won’t be targeted for being foreigner, and if you do get ticketed the police officer might offer a bribe but you can just say no.

It depends where you are, but the “hassle” this asshole refers to is the normal process for fines in some cities because so many people just didn’t pay the fines through the normal route. So, the police departments had to try other techniques like taking the car to an impound yard or taking the license plates away until the fine was paid. Is this common in Mexico City? No, but it can happen in Cancun and it’s perfectly legal. If you’re fearful of being “hassled” by the police after committing a crime just hire a driver instead; it’s not a big deal and it is exactly what the USA today post you cite suggests anyway!

The fact that some of us are wrong doesn’t grant all of you a blank check to do whatever you want, and if there are other solutions just use those that don’t break the law.


Plus, most fines are like at most 2000 pesos, where if you get caught offering a bribe it’s a federal crime and it goes like this:

“Whoever commits the crime of bribery will be subject to the following sanctions: When the amount or value of the gift or pledge does not exceed the equivalent of five hundred times the minimum daily wage (~2200USD FY 2018) in force in the Federal District at the time the offense was committed, or not be valuable, will be imposed from three months to two years in prison, thirty to three hundred days fine and dismissal and disqualification from three months to two years to perform another public job, position or commission.

When the amount or value of the gift, promise or benefit exceeds five hundred times the daily minimum wage in force in the Federal District at the time of committing the crime, will be imposed from two to fourteen years of prison, from three hundred to thousand days fine and dismissal and disqualification from two to fourteen years to perform another public job, position or commission”

-Sketchy google translation of the Mexican Federal Criminal Code

But I need to concede that sometimes abuses are made, but I think I addressed it with my recommendation for Ash:


I only need to add:
1. Don’t give out documents (for no law gives them the right to take them away from you, they can only inspect them in Mexico City)
2. Don’t crank the window down all the way
3. Tell them the video is live.

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