Fuck you Forza.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU!!!!

I just wasted 45 minutes on the Nurburgring 125 race because of the of god damn fucking bullshit instant tire wear.

I was just finishing lap 6 (out of 8), had plenty of fuel left, and the latest tire-wear notification said 85%, so I decided to skip the pits and go one more lap.


Two turns in, and the car literally stops turning. Turn the wheel and nothing. Catastrophic understeer. Car just plows straight off the track. I rewind and try again, and same problem.

Apparently, in Forza 7, the tires literally stop working if you don’t pit when the game tells you to. Never mind they were working fine 2 turns ago (because Forza has zero discernible tire wear). The tires just go from 100% to 0% instantaneously.

And I was just fat enough past pit entrance that I couldn’t rewind enough. And it’s the fucking Nurburgring, so I can’t exactly drive 13 miles on wooden tires.

So there’s 45 minutes of my life down the drain.

Btw, fuck you Forza.

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