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Fuck you Lucas

To the surprise of nobody the Jag has... wait for it... electrical issues. Parking brake indicator is on, brake light fail indicator is on, marker light indicator is on. All of these lights work. What doesn’t work is the headlights. Bah. The solution to Jaguar electrical issues is “strip out the wiring harness and make a new one” which I would LOVE to do if I had a garage. Take out the interior, fix the HVAC up with some GMT400 parts (controller and servos), fix the power locks and gauge cluster, re do all the crusty ass poorly-crimped wiring, reupholster some stuff here and there, replace the floor pans... you know, the basics.

Or buy a cheap beater and park the Jag at my soon-to-be-in-law’s land in the country until I have the resources to sort it out properly. I struggle to remember why I bought this.

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