Fuck you, Steam, for jacking up prices

(Apologies that this isn’t the right place to vent since it’s a car forum, but I needed a place to have an outburst)

So the Steam Summer Sale begins today, which is pretty groovy. Went to check on the price of GTA V since I’ve been interested for a while. I checked a few days ago, and could have sworn it was $69.99 CAD, which is a pretty penny. Today’s price? $67.48, normal price $89.98. To prove I’m not crazy, here’s a graph, source is here.


See the points at the end of the graph? That’s the price jumping from $69.99 to $89.98 today.

Honestly, fuck this. If you’re going to put something on sale, put it on fucking sale. Don’t jack the price up and then say “hurr durr, look at the savings!”, because savings of two bucks is a load of horseshit.


I’m honestly pretty pissed off right now. Normally Steam is a rad place to snag games for low prices, such as Receiver for $1.74 on sale, which is awesome for a simple game I sunk six hours into. But this? This is some shady business right here.

EDIT: Apparently the price raised because they’re automatically attaching Shark Cards (online money) to them. So if you want to buy the game on its own, you’re shit out of luck.

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