Fuck You, TEN

So MT/Discovery done fucked us. You can ONLY watch Roadkill through their new Exclusive streaming app or in their insipid website they’ve been pushing for years now.

They claim that you can still watch for free, but trying to register only lets you choose their discounted trial.

Guess I’m not going to watch your fucking shows now. Fuck off assholes. Can’t live off that YT ad money? Tough shit. I will gladly watch ads before or after, but not during, your free shows. But I will NOT sign up for another damn streaming service.


Roadkill is the only show care to see. I do not give a shit about watching old episodes of that stupid show about two testosterone-fuelled gorillas who make fancy mid-life crisis scooters.

This is fucking horseshit. Just put Roadkill back on YT and let us watch it assholes.

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