Fuck you too Costco Tire Center

So this was the first and the absolute last time I will buy tires from Costco. I can’t believe how much time of mine you forced me to waste.

So lets set the scene, over the holidays I told my dad that I was going to buy some winter tires this year and he offers to buy them for me. Awesome, thanks dad.


Last week I finally call a few places, and because the car has tiny wheels no where seemed to have any in stock. When I finally got Costco on the phone (this took 3 tries) they tell me they had some in a warehouse and they could have them in couple business days. However apparently they will not order tires over the phone you have to go there in person. Fine. So last Wednesday I meet my dad at the Costco and we order and pay for the tires. During this transaction they take my number for the explicit reason of contacting me when the tires arrive so I can come in and get them installed. Great.

Fast forward to yesterday morning, surprised I had not been called yet I try calling them. And keep trying. And keep trying. 8 calls later and probably close to an hour of my time, someone finally picks up. I ask him if they know when the tires should arrive, he tells me they are already here. The tires arrived sometime over the weekend. Thanks. (I should also note that I could not even leave a message because their phone just continues to ring. I had left my phone on for a solid 25min of waiting for someone to pick up while did other stuff at one point before giving up.)

While on the phone with the guy I ask if I can make an appointment to come in. No I can’t, it’s first come first serve. Fine. Last night at around 6 I finally get to the tire center, when I get there they inform me that they cant do my car because they already have too many people.

Today, I get to Costco around 1:45 I see one car in front of the tire center area and one person in the waiting area. I think good, it’s not busy this should be quick. I walk up to the guy tell him I’m here for my tires, he tells me to leave the key it will be between 2-2.5 hours before it will be ready to be picked up. WTF. Out of options and already annoyed I give him my key. But he asks for my phone number so they can call me, I assume for when its ready to be picked up. So off to kill hopefully less than 2 hours...


So I walk around Costco, read some oppo on my phone while sitting on Costco couches for a while, just kill time. I can’t stand being in the store any longer I find the next closest store. A Homedepot which is a 15min walk, so after walking around Homedepot for a while I head back to Costco and get some food to eat.

After eating I have manged kill almost 2 hours waiting for them to call me. I figure I would give them a call and see how much longer it would be. Of course no one picks up the phone. As I’m walking into the tire store I see my car in front moved and with new tires. I walk in talk to the guy at the desk grab my key and start walking out the door. I’m too pissed to even ask how long it has been and why did they not call me, or why they never pick up the phone. At that point I also realized something, the phone was ringing, and it was ringing every time I walked into that area, they just flat out ignore the phone.


3 trips, 11 unanswered phone calls, 2 phone calls never made to me, and a solid 6+ hours of my time. Fuck you.

Thanks for wasting as much time has humanly possible Costco, you will never see my face again.


Seriously Costco, Fuck you.

Rant Over.

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