Well I have water flowing again in my house. Lost water last Wednesday because we forgot to leave a faucet running. On Monday and Tuesday Wednesday Roto Rooter came out and broke through the ice and when I reassembled everything water came out of the ground surrounding the water line. That meant that the water line broke. My awesome dad came out on Wednesday and rented a diesel air compressor and a couple of jackhammers and we dug down until we found the water line. Replaced the bad portion that luckily was close to the house. Hooked everything back up and no water at 7:30pm. No clue if the line froze up again or what. Called it quits for the night and planned on calling Roto Rooter again on Thursday morning to get them to hopefully thaw the line again. Well on Wednesday night at 11pm water started trickling from a faucet we left open on the off chance it would help. So now I have water again. Fuck winter.

The house in question. Nothing is an easy fix.
Behind the plywood is the water line and the septic line.
From Tuesday when I tried to free it up my self.
That’s me about 5 feet deep. I am 6ft. My face summarizes how I felt all week.

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