I had to take a detour to avoid the Aerosmith traffic, so I got off I-275 at Five Mile. The speed limit there is a 40 to 50 mph transition and I was doing that at the time. I was in the left lane when I approached this intersection and with a green light. As I get near the intersection, a lady in a black Camry decided to make a right turn on red. That would have been fine, however at the last moment, she decided to turn into the lane I was in. So, I had to brake and swerve over into the right lane to avoid hitting her. I ended up fish tailing a little bit, but I got it under control just fine.

If I was in the right lane, I wouldn't have been able to avoid her. Had I turned sooner, I would have hit her. Not braking I would have hit her. Turning left would have resulted in me bouncing of the guardrail and into her. Had she have waited to turn, nothing would have happened. If she would have just stayed in her lane, nothing would have happened.

I'm just fine, but still pissed.