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Fuel Consumption Report

First of all, PSA: Display names can now be changed and saved. Somebody fixed it.

Today I’m intentionally using the more accurate word “consumption” instead of the typical ‘Murican term, “economy.” I’ve had to fill up both of my cars today:

XJ - 20.4 mpg (against the reported 22.4)

F355 - 13 mpg

Here I am right now experimenting with alternative biofuels based on tea leaves and cream:

Illustration for article titled Fuel Consumption Report

On an unrelated note, a guy in my local car club was badly rear-ended in traffic on Friday. His Ferrari FF is a write-off and he has been hospitalised. Injuries are not exactly “minor,” but he is stable and did post an update on FB.

Goes without saying, but drive safely, everyone. It’s the least we can do to protect ourselves.

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