Hi all - odd thing I’ve noticed with my Accent since the spring. I used to get about 600-630km on a tank (depending on driving conditions, etc) in warmer spring and summer weather, but this year so far it’s been about the same as it was in the winter when it always dips from the colder temps / heavier wheels and tires. I.E. my economy in winter is usually 570km-580km in comparison with the same style of driving.

Any ideas why my economy didn’t go back up? The car has new plugs since it’s last big service a month and a half or two ago. I checked and cleaned the MAP sensor the other day, I’ve got lighter alloy rims on (the same rims I always use in the summer....lighter than my winter steelies), and the tires are all aired up to spec. I haven’t checked the air filter in a few months, but last time I checked it, it was fine...?

I’ve mostly been doing highway driving and am relatively sedate in my driving most of the time (not granny-spec, but not hoonigan). Is there something I am missing that would be keeping my economy lower than is usually should be...?

Cheers or any suggestions / help! :)