I felt a little bad about parking the NoxBox in the “Fuel Efficient” spots at Ikea to the point I was a little worried some self righteous type would damage it because of the lie that it is (though it still is very fuel efficient) then I came out and saw this parked next to me and I felt fine.

Also, I test drove a 2011 Volvo XC70 last night. I liked it, but I didn’t realize you could get a FWD XC70...I assumed they were all AWD...it was a 3.2 Premium. It moved well, had decent chassis dynamics but there were some quirks that would be hard to get used to. Things like the an electronic parking brake (boo) and a lot of the cars functions being displayed on the info screen (like seat heater and climate) vs just smaller screens/indicator lights or graduated knobs. some of the controls worked a little differently, but thats just muscle memory. Plus the visibility wasn’t all that great, which I was a little surprised by; Chalk that up to hilariously fat pillars. The 3.2 felt pretty peppy but not fast, and I would desperately miss going to an auto. The back seat space was a big win, as was the cargo area which was huge. Still looking. We just now got our paperwork to start the buyback so it will be a while. Carmax did know the name Doug Demuro , btw.