So something strange started happening in 2019. Ten states suddenly ran out of fuel because of a Presidential order.

The President ordered that gasoline, diesel, and other hydrocarbons shall now be transported by lorry, rather than pipeline, to avoid fuel theft.

Fuel theft represents up to 40% of cartel’s income and it represented a loss of 3.5 billion dollars during 2018. The reason why some stations ran out of gas isn’t because they buy stolen gas as some media outlets have reported, but because of time, and the black market.


Stolen fuel is overwhelmingly sold to fleets, think cabs, for-hire trucks, and construction vehicles. So, a month ago, when the president began closing the pipes, the black market dried up.

As december is a high-demand month, and the black market dried up, gas stations began having a lot more demand than supply. This is when the fuel lorries became an issue, because they’re way, way slower than the pipelines, and many times more expensive.

I thought to myself that there’s no way said shortage would come down to Mexico City, but it apparently has arrived. Despite the President, the Mayor, and the CEO of Pemex saying Mexico City does have gas, a little walk around twitter begs to differ. Even around my community, the gas station had an hour long queue that extended a couple of blocks. I guess it's mostly people fear shopping gas.

I knew of the fuel shortage a few days ago before it hit here, and my car coincidentally needed fuel, so I have fuel.. but not a lot.

I have around 200 miles of range at my current average economy, but I don’t know what I should do with that information. I don’t know how long the shortage will last, so I don’t know how many days of the week I need to take the bus, If I economize and only use my car two days per week, I could hang on to the fuel in my tank for 9 weeks.

But it’s probably short term, and I’m overthinking it.