The magic of craigslist strikes again. Ever since I got my 74, I knew I was going to have to redo the fuel system at some point. The main issues I have with the stock set up is that the trucks came with two 16-gallon saddle tanks (one on each side). When I got the truck, only one of them was hooked up, and 16 gallons of fuel in a 454 powered truck wont get you all that far. Not only that, but whoever designed the filler neck on these tanks needs to be taken out back and whipped. There is absolutely no way to fill up the tank without spilling fuel on the ground. The filler neck comes straight up out of the tank, makes a short 90 degree bend, and comes almost horizontal out the bed side. If you pull the fuel pump at the gas station all the way, fuel just doesn't flow fast enough and comes back out the filler neck. Filling up is a slow process (like, 10 minutes for 7 gallons slow).

So I wanted a new tank, and it just so happens, someone on my local craigslist was selling a 31 gallon tank out of an 87 Blazer. The 87 Blazer and 74 C10 were made on the same chassis. The tank fits between the frame rails in the rear of the blazer, so it'd fit on mine. I picked it up today for a whopping $20. I'll have to do some fab work to get the tank mounted, but it shouldn't be anything too difficult. I'm not sure when I'll actually have a chance to work on this, because I want to get my patch panels cut and welded in over break, but hopefully throughout the next quarter I'll be able to get it done.

31 gallons and a working fuel gauge will be a nice luxury to have.