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Fueled Up Car MEET

Out of the 3 meets I have visited this month this one is the closest to Cars and Coffee. Cantina and Cars has a smaller lot which could turn problematic once the meet becomes well known and Rooftop isn’t a monthly thing as far as I know. Both those meets are free to attend, so that is a positive. Fueled Up has a 5 dollar cover charge.

The exit shots at Fueled Up will not feature many WOT runs as this meet runs a tight ship which will keep it alive. The fact that this meet can turn out so many nice cars WITH the 5 dollar cover charge IN frigid weather has me having high hopes for future installments where temperatures are nicer.

I think I might have my Cars and Coffee “replacement”. What do you guys think? And if you are local and went to this meet, what is your opinion on the cover charge and the meet itself?


The one thing I wonder though, will this car meet hit that magic 1000 view mark that would make it a true Cars and Coffee replacement, or will it fall short? Only time will tell...

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