Finally got around to watching the WEC 6 Hour of Silverstone (thank you FS1 in the US) and I love their Full Course Yellow procedure.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s how it works (at least how I understand/saw it happen):

  • Race Director calls for FCY
  • Yellow flags are waved at all marshal stations
  • Drivers trigger their pit lane speed limiter and stay in position
  • Safety car is not deployed
  • Pits are not closed
  • FCY is not lengthened to ensure all classes have time to pit (stupid NASCARization of American racing, but I digress)
  • Track and/or incident is cleared by marshals
  • When course is cleared, Race Director declares track clear
  • Race Director counts down to the green flag and the field resumes as they were

I love this process for several reasons. The first is that the cars’ speed is controlled almost instantly as there is no need to catch the safety car. There is no loss of advantage if you’re the leader. Conversely, there is not advantage if you are far behind in a FCY. Because there is no safety car on track, once the track is deemed clear the racing can recommence asap.

I wonder if the powers in Daytona were paying attention...

Have a few great shots* from the weekend for your time:

*pictures not mine. All snagged from GIS.