Full disclosure

Some of you wanted updates on my budget Amazon bed liner. Here you go!

It’s been a little over two months, and the liner is in pretty rough shape. It served it’s intended purpose admirably, but long-term durability is suspect.


Now to be fair.... Only one layer was sprayed. And you were supposed to wait 7(!!!) days before using the bed, I think I waited 4 days?

I sprayed another truck bed a month ago, this time doing 3 full layers, and waiting the full 7 days. It’s still in perfect shape. I believe I spent about $150 for the supplies, so assuming this lasts it’s a hell of a deal. I’ll update you all in a few months.

Oh, and modern pickups make terrible work trucks. They’re way too tall. Loading height with the tailgate down is bad, reaching over the side of the bed is even worse, and dealing with ladders? Absolutely miserable. It makes me so sad that you can’t buy a new truck that’s actually built for work, as apposed to just being bigly and towing 100,000 pounds, fitting 18 Mega Gulp Slurpies, and being able to drive over massive ravines that aren’t actually a part of 99% of jobsites. I would happily trade this Silverado for a new 2001 Ranger.... Sigh.

I've actually been using a coworkers late 80's dodge pickup. No clue what it is, but it's super low, and super compact. It's been such a joy. Fits everywhere, easy to park, perfect visibility in all directions, easy to load, a million tie-off points (that's another thing, a Work Truck spec Silverado has the worst tie-offs I've ever used...)

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