About five or so years ago my buddy Jason invited me along to a party at the shop of a guy he used to weld with. A guy named Fuller.

“Fuller makes some bad ass shit”, he told me.

As luck would have it I’m a big fan of bad ass shit so I was excited to see what this guy was up to.

photo by Matthew Jones (used without permission)

He was, and is, up to a lot.

The Atlanta custom car and motorcycle is a rather small but passionate bunch. I realized at that party that there is some real talent in Atlanta. And Fuller is a big piece of that talent.

That night he had numerous works in progress on display. The “Thundertaker” was there in it’s early stages. You may recognize that slammed, ragtop Cadillac hearse from SEMA 2012, Hot Rod Magazine or perhaps your fantasy of how you’ll take your final ride. It was impressive in pieces, it’s gorgeous complete.






Any ways, I seem to recall the beginnings of Double Down taking shape, but I can’t be sure. There was an old Ford in the early stages, but I seem to recall it was a going to be made into more of a wagon shape? Regardless, it showed up in progress at SEMA 2013. Which, you may be saying, is old news. You may be right....but I came upon a new article on RX Speed on it and was floored. This thing is absolutely amazing!


850 Horsepower

All wheel drive

2500 lbs wet


Check it out in all it’s glory.