Fully Stripped

A good friend of mine got married on Saturday (hence I had to miss the oppo rally - boo!) but I got home this afternoon and picked up where I left off with tearing down the 350.

Everything except the oil galley and freeze plugs are out. The bores look pretty good, very little ridge at the top and not much scoring, however #2 is pitted - there was some water in there at some point. I’ll have to see what the machine shop thinks, but the pitting might be deep enough to merit boring it out. The crank looks good though (I forgot to take a picture, sorry). No damage to be found, may need a polish in a couple spots, but nothing that should require grinding it. It fit really nicely on my shelf.


Pistons are in good shape as well, some had a little more wear on the skirt than others, but nothing heavy or deep. I will have to check the clearances, but first impression is that if the block doesn’t need bored, they should be reusable.

Need to get this block and crank to a machine shop to clean and check out and go from there. While I sort that out I have a few other pending matters to address before work will resume on dismantling the Chevelle and otherwise continuing that work.

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