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Fumoto drain valve, the definitive review.

Fumoto 103SX, the review.

Exterior: Even finish and great shine. Material does oxidize over time, but easily cleans up. The blue clip adds great contrast. 9/10


Interior: Bad news, I don’t fit. But being 6’4”, I’m used to not fitting in many vehicles. The strange thing is it changes the color of fluid that goes through it. I pour in light honey colored fluid, and it’s always a cola/weak coffee hued fluid that comes out. In that aspect, it’s quite magical. 10/10

Tech: Decidedly low tech. Functions as it should, though. 7/10

Toys: None. 0/10

Functionality: Remove clip, lift and spin lever, and stuff comes out. Put it back in place, and stuff doesn’t come out. No drips. 10/10

Performance: Slow. As in, find something else to do while it’s draining your oil. 0-60 in about 45 minutes, 6/10.

Overall impressions: You open the valve and oil comes out. It comes out slower, naturally, as you’ve effectively made a larger hole smaller. Given that I have room under the truck to change the oil, I’m not sure I’d buy it again. The 30-40 seconds extra it takes using a 14mm wrench and having a bit of oil got on my hands isn’t the worst thing in the world. Having to deal with a little hose that has had oil run through it isn’t the cleanest of things either. Next time, I’ll forego the little hose, or potentially remove the valve all together.


My take on it, if you’re used to changing your own oil, all this does (especially for vehicles with easy access to the drain plug) is extend that amount of time it takes to change your oil. I guess if you’re not adept at threading back in a drain plug and prone to cross threading things, it’s definitely worth it.


Special Q&A guest review by 8 year old:

Me: How did you like helping change the oil?

Son: It was cool, I guess. Thanks for letting me help.

Me: Was it easy?

Son: Can I ride my scooter now? Since I helped, when do I get a dirt bike?

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