Fun at Laguna Seca today

The G meter and RPM/Speeds are all goofy and I don’t know why. Works fine with the M5 but not in the 911, where the app gives a lot of complaints. I think it’s because the car is a 2001 and the OBD was still on standard 1 and the app expects OBDII. It’s a pretty conservative lap compared to the ones I had later in the day, but the sun got low and the camera kept focusing on the dirt on the windshield so the videos are all blurry.

The bad news is I’m now leaking oil. Not much but I need a new gasket somewhere. Skipped the last session as a result. Hey, it’s a 17 year old car with 130,000 miles on the clock. I don’t have anything in the way of a complaint.


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