Fun bike times!

It’s weird having a bike that actually works. Gave it a good clean today and went out riding. Pretty cool being able to stow my jacket, gloves, and helmet in the trunk and saddlebags and not have to worry about them. Also keep some detailing supplies and a tire pressure gauge in there as well. Handy dandy.


Those of you with way too much attention to detail may have noticed the front fender on the CX500 is different. The pimp-tastic fender that came with it that matched the bags was made of fiberglass. The issue there is that the front fender on CX500s is a structural component and fiberglass is lacking a bit in the torsional rigidity department compared to this steel sandwich OEM fender from my other CX. I was tipped off to this issue after some particularly mushy handling that results in the bike sort of steering itself when leaned over. The OEM fender has an effect similar to putting an enormous front sway bar on a car that previously didn’t have one. Suddenly the handlebars are actually connected to the wheel and the bike has far more of a tendency to go in a straight line. Lovely.

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