We start, rather weirdly, not with a car ever sold in Canada, but the venerable Australian-market Ford Falcon. This car is of interest, because it was designed and built by Ford’s Australian division. And Ford’s Australian division was actually originally Canadian.


Ford Australia was founded in 1925, to manufacture the enormously popular Model T locally at a plant in Geelong, just southwest of Melbourne (which is not the capital of Australia, though before Canberra was built it actually was, it’s a long story). And at the time, every division of Ford set up in the British Empire outside of Britain, which included the Indian, South African, and New Zealand divisions, were actually part of Ford of Canada and were controlled by Canadian investors. The first Australian Fords were also assembled from Canadian complete knock down kits as well.

So, in a roundabout way, the ute is actually technically but not really a Canadian invention.


Happy Australia Canada Day.

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