I drove the Sunchaser on what was a gloomy morning, but the sun finally came out. I saw a cousin at the auto parts store.

My employees threw a baby shower at the office today for one of my lawyers, who is pregnant. It was fun, and I am amazed at how fond they seem of each other. 2 of my attorneys have small kids, and it was nice to have toddlers and a baby. My old office manager who retired in January even came, which was really nice.

My adversaries may think I am a monster, but my employees seem to like where they work. I think that speaks more about who I am than any other aspect of my career. At least I hope so.

I went to a restoration shop today, and they are looking at shocks/struts for Sunchaser. They pushed down on the car, and were easily able to push the passenger wheel well down to touch the tire. I think this work is necessary. They are researching parts, and are going to give me an estimate. They are saying they think adjustable Bilsteins would be best if they fit. What do you think I should be looking at?